But personal problems due to constant traveling, financial scarcity,
the drug and alcohool problems in the jazz-world
made all of these professional successes a rather difficult period.
He learned the big lesson that success in the world doesn't make you
necessarily more happy.

A major change came into his life by the initiation into the
Transcendental Meditation Program by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in March 1972.
He was initiated in Bruxelles by the Belgium National Leader Ursula Rumpf.
His interest in Yoga and India had been ongoing from the age of 24,
but now he became seriously involved into meditation and spiritual practices.
In Vittel, December 1972, he became teacher of the
and the Science of Creative Intelligence - SCI.

After having established the Luxembourg TM-organization with the help of André Stuer, another teacher,
he became fully engaged in spreading the message of Maharishi's World- Plan.
Lecturing around the whole Luxembourg country, he initiated about 250 people into the TM-technique.
Studies at the MIU/MERU-University brought some light on the many questions one has in life.
This included lectures by such people as
Brian Josephson, Phd., nobelprice in quantum physics,
Dr. Hans Selye, founder of the stress-syndrome and many more on all aspects of modern science.
His initiations into the TM-siddhi Program,
including the famous (?!) flying-sutra by Maharishi Patanjali
became a major breakthrough in his yogic understanding and his personal life.

They brought him also back to the world of music, but now as a saxophone player.
The ténor was always his favourite and he also wanted to explore this side of his talents and musical aspirations.
He toured with his own trio and quartett, and was a regular member of the
Trier Jazz-Club.
Always trying to improve and develop his multi-instrumental skills,
he started studying with
Axel Jungbluth at the Kölner Musikhochschule
in 1978-79 Jazz-harmony and -composition.
He participated at several workshops in Germany, i.e. Viersen and Remscheid,
and studied saxophone with
Herb Geller and Alan Skidmore.
Integrating all kinds of directions, he also played with Rock-Funk and Blues-groups,
i.e. with Willy Pultz, Georges Petro (Pipo) and Guy Schmit.
He founded his own avant-garde with the FAG-Free Art Group,
integrating such people as André Mergenthaler and Rico Winandy,
and during the same period performed also with the group Plasma (Claude Müller).

But as time went on, changes were inevitable.
The music had changed a lot, the make-a-living was almost impossible with a family and children only by music.
He had to take different jobs.
In 1980, Bob Scholer joined the free art association "Konschthaus" in the Grand'rue, Luxembourg,
in order to teach improvisation and jazz-harmony.
He organized the first International Jazz-Workshop in Luxembourg,
with teachers like Roeb van den Broek, Boy Raaijmakers and Gerhard Laber.
In 1981 he married a second time and in 1982 a daughter was born.
This inspired him to write music for children in Luxembourg language.
He conceived of a method to teach young children
and published 1983 a album intitled:"Kannerlidder"

Although well received by critics and institutions, his work didn't pay.
Frustrated and in big financial troubles,
he abandonned his professional career and stopped teaching and playing.
He worked for some time as a carparking-guard,
then entered C&A as cloth-selling employee.
This he did for 23 years until his retirement in 2007.

For many years his main interest was meditation and spiritual studies,
until he met summer 1996 in Belgium his SatGuru Mata Amritanandamayi Devi,  
generally called "
Amma ", an outstanding Indian Saint
and considered the incarnation of the Divine Mother Herself.

This brought him back to life and music, and he started to perform Indian bhajans,
a sacred form of South-Indian music, very near to Jazz and improvisation.
The idea to translate the Yoga-sutras of Patanjali, which he studied during his time with Maharishi
brought about the german publication of the book: "How to know God"
by the best-known Ullstein-Verlag.
"Gotterkenntnis" by Swami Prabhavananda & Christopher Isherwood
gives a deep insight for westerners in this difficult subject.
With the money of the translation the whole new Scholer-Family was able to make their first trip to India
and be on the South Indian Tour with Amma.  
His interest in computer-skills and programming developed slowly into his new way of composing and playing.
I.C.C.I.M., Instant composed creativ improvised music.
That means, that the recorded material is all improvised and instantly composed,
and almost nothing has been changed by later editing.
It combines the research into meditation, spirituality
and the up to date music with workstations and modern hard-disk recording.
Most of the music on this homepage is a sample of this musical approach.
Performing with his satsang-group brought about a new CD,
"Eternal MA"
produced in his own home-studio together with his wife and his 3 daughters.

The 2nd  CD came out a year later and was called:
"Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu" ,
the famous peace-mantra of the eternal " Sanatana Dharma ".
This is very powerful mantra and helps in many difficult situations.
It also makes one more compassionate towards everything and everyone, because the meaning is:
"May everyone in all the worlds be happy"

The inspiration by Amma was so powerful that a new CD has come up to life.
"Mother of Love"
The CD is also available now.
You can buy it also online at the CDeal-shop of Skywalk Music Innovator Group -
and look for the Scholer Family
You can check the special pages of these new CD's and listen to different titles

In August 2007 Anashwaran (which is his spiritual name by Ammachi)
studied woodcarving and Carnatic singing in the
Vijnana Kala Vedi-School in Aranmula, Kerala.  
This school, founded by a french lady, Mrs. Louba Schild,
is teaching the original Indian Arts in a very personal and enjoyable fashion.
Carnatic music is the basis for all comprehension and playing of the Indian Ragas of South India.
Charlie Mariano has walked along this path many years ago,
and it still is the only way to penetrate into the mysteries of Indian music.
In September 2007, Andy Bausch
presented his film on the Luxembourg music-scene from 1930 to 1965.
"Entrée d'Artistes"

Bob Scholer was among the artists chosen for interviews in the movie
and he talked about the many Luxembourg artists he was working with.
A late but deserved acknowledgment of a lot of pioneer work in the field of music in his country.

In the mean time a lot of new work has been done.
The biggest change has happened in the choice of instruments:
The last years were used to play the guitar and study advanced playing.
The result are 3 CD's and many tracks published on internet.
2 main websites are used to make this music available for streaming or download:

Studying with Matt Otten, a brilliant dutch guitar-player, is a project for this year and 1 or 2 CD's more,
specially in the smooth and soul style, using also the excellent backtracks of
Coffee Break!
The newest CD:  Bob Scholer Plays Paul Brown
These are really cool and hip sounds from Paul Brown, Grammy winner and teacher at:  www.truefire.com
Check it out on Soundcloud and Nimbit

These projects are planned and will find their expression in a near future.

May you enjoy it!
May God bless you!
May your life be fruitful and happy!
OM Namah Shivaya

"Short" Biography
Anashwaran ( Bob Scholer by civil name) was born in Luxembourg in May 1942. ( Gemini Ascendent, Jyeshta Birthstar )
His father played the valve-trombone and was a house-painter master.
At the age of 7 he entered the Conservatorium to study solfège and clarinet.
His interest was always multi-instrumental and later he studied double-bass under Prof. Paul Deitz from the Radio-Luxembourg Symphonic Orchestra.

He took up guitar and sax. tenor, and had his first dance-music-band at the age of 15. A good training was also the student-band "Les Myopes",
which played every Sunday at the "Stuff", the place of the traditional students thé-dansants in 1958.
He became professional musician at 18 with the well-known piano-player Johnny Glesener, who initiated him in jazz-harmony and improvisation.
Many times he played with Andy Felten and his different bands in the Chez-Nous,
at RTL or on the "Schuebermess".

As a young upcoming talent, he was solicitated by Jean Roderes and his band,
performing at the Luxembourg TV and he accompanied Udo Jürgens at his winning contest at the Eurovision in 1966.  

One night, a  guitar-player with his trio and a speaker of RTL
entered the Charly's bar, where Bob was performing with Jean Roderes.
They asked to play and after some hesitations, Jean accepted.  
They started playing so heavy loud that the owner of the bar, the "Big Charly" came running down the stairs
crying with his high-pitched voice: "Stop that, stop immediately!"
The player was-- Jimmy Hendrix!

His passion for Jazz brought him to Michel Pilz,
a quite known Luxembourg bass-clarinet player,
and he became the bass-player of the Michel Pilz Trio,
performing all over Europe with drummers like
Paul Lovens,
Fred Braceful(+), Mani Neumeyer(Guru Guru) and many others.

Due to this, he connected with many jazz-musicians all over Europe,
specially the avantgarde movement of free-jazz of the late sixties.
His idols were
Scott Lafaro, Charly Haden, Charles Mingus  among others...
He joined the Chris Wanders Group with Louis Moholo and Kees Hasefoot from Antwerp,
and later the GMI Group (Group Music International) from Nijmegen, Holland.
This group with
Peter Van de Locht,( today a renowned architect and sculpture),
with Boy Raaijmakers and Noel Mc Ghie toured all over Holland, Germany and Belgium
and played an avant-garde free-jazz on top of the European scene.

He performed mainly in Germany and Holland, on Jazz-Festivals like Bilzen 1969
(1.prize with an amateur-group), Jazz Festival of Gent 1970
and was often a guest in the new Amsterdam-scene on the Leidse Plein with GMI.
He appeared with Chris Wanders at the Anti-Jazz Festival in Berlin,
and played in the "Bullebak", a pro-Angola-play at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Bruxelles
Group Music International - GMI recorded a live-record:
" At different times"; together with
Burton Greene, a piano-player from Chicago
(who was doing a lot of research in minimal art and Indian music).
This gave them access to the
Théâtre du Lucernaire in Paris,
which had become known by the famous Art Ensemble of Chicago.
With the Burton Greene Trio he also appeared at the "
Jazz-Festival de Châtellerault "  
together with the Jamaican drummer
Noel Mc Ghie
who is currently working in Paris.

One of the highlights in his Jazz career was the joining of the Manfred Schoof Quintett 1970
with the piano-player
Alexander von Schlippenbach,
The performance of a dramatic piece of the German composer  Bernd Alois Zimmerman
" Requiem for a Young Poet"  a monumental performance with a total of 350 participants,
3 symphonie-orchestras, 200 men-and women choir (!!!), poem- recitations, voices and "Hey Jude"
was one of the most extraordinary sound-experiences of his life.
Specially the conductor, the well-known
Michael Gielen made a deep impression on him.
At the start of the Jazz-group a bass-solo started with a flageolet
and he heard that Bob was playing it at the second instead at the third string! What a trained ear!
In 1999 this piece was performed at the
Carnegie Hall under the same conductor.
Zimmermann died 9 months after this concert.

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