Mother of Love
Eternal MA
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Winner of the 1. Round
of the Oasys
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Oasys Stuff Blues

3. Round
A Groovy Sunday Afternoon

"Everyone in the world should be able to
sleep without fear at least one night -
Everyone should eat to their fill at least one day -
There should be one day when there is no violence -
By doing selfless service at least one day,
everyone should help the poor and the needy -
This is Amma's dream, this is Amma's prayer"

Amma's Message on the International Day of Peace 2004
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As we enter 2008, let us pray together:
"O Paramatman, let there be no wars, violence or natural disasters this year.
Let there be no death due to starvation or lack of medical care. Let there be
no children who are unable to continue their studies due to poverty. Let the
music of peace and harmony be heard everywhere. Just as we decorate our
houses and surroundings with lights, let our heart remain effulgent
throughout the year with love and compassion."  

Amma's prayer on New Year 2008
Compassion, the only way to peace.

Compassion is the foundation of peace.
But first our inner world needs to be at peace.
Mankind has taken upon itself countless curses. In order to attain freedom
from these curses at least a 100 generation to come would need to wipe the
tears of the suffering.
Only compassionate people are able to express gratitude.
At present, the biggest thread to mankind is not a third world-war, but the
loss of nature's harmony and our widening separation from her!
Amma  at the 2007 Cinéma Vérité Award, Paris
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